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Thunderbrook Oat Bran

Thunderbrook Oat Bran

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Thunderbrook Oat Bran. The tempting taste and aroma of Oat Bran make it an excellent carrier for supplements. Oat Bran is a suitable addition to bulk out feeds and is particularly useful for older horses with poor dentition. Thunderbrook Oat Bran is human food grade and freshly milled for them. Oat bran contains high levels of beta glucans. Beta glucan is a soluble dietary fibre present typically in oats and it nutritionally supports the digestive system. The beta glucan content in whole grain oats (such as our Certified Organic Oats) varies from 2% to 8% dry weight. The beta glucan content in our Oat Bran is usually between 6% to 10% of dry weight.

Size - 20kg

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