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Sweet Meadow

Sweet Meadow Alfalfa Plus Chaff

Sweet Meadow Alfalfa Plus Chaff

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Sweet Meadow Alfalfa Plus Chaff. An appetising blend of alfalfa with a little oat straw coated in linseed oil. Unmolassed low sugar blend with an added vitamin and mineral supplement. Naturally high in digestible fibre and low in starch. Good source of quality protein. A nice soft open chaff that is easy to chew and digest. Trialled with a number of different horses at varying life stages with success. Feeding linseed oil can be beneficial to horses who are prone to laminitis, tying up, colic, sweet itch and other skin and coat conditions. Linseed oil is naturally high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which the horse cannot manufacture themselves so they should be present and readily available in the diet. Most horses diets are generally low in omega 3 as this is not as readily available as omega 6. Can be fed as the complete concentrate feed for horses in light to medium work or can be added to the existing diet as required.

Size - 18kg

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