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Simple System

Simple System Sainfoin FIBRE Pellets

Simple System Sainfoin FIBRE Pellets

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Simple System Sainfoin FIBRE Pellets. Sainfoin is a premium forage alternative to lucerne and grass. Known as 'healthy hay', Sainfoin has long been recognised for its many benefits. Simple System Sainfoin Fibre Pellets are rich in natural minerals and trace elements. They are a good source of condensed tannins, which aid digestion of protein. Sainfoin is suitable for all horses, and can be very beneficial when fed with hay and grass as a nutritious alternative and to add a variety of flavour.

Feeding Instructions
As with any new feed, introduce gradually over a week.
Sainfoin Fibre Pellets are ideally fed soaked. Alternatively, mix with soaked PuraBeet or a Simple System chop and dampen well. For foals, greedy, elderly or dentally challenged horses, Sainfoin Fibre Pellets should be soaked.
Start with 100g per 100kg of bodyweight per day, increase as required up to a maximum of 5kg per day. For example, for a 500kg horse start with 500g per day (dry weight, before soaking) and increase as required.
Feed according to requirement & condition.

Size - 20kg

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