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Red Mills

Red Mills Cool & Cooked Mix 10%

Red Mills Cool & Cooked Mix 10%

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Red Mills Cool & Cooked Mix 10% is specifically formulated as a non-heating, high quality feed for maintenance of leisure horses and ponies in light work.

The inclusion of maize, wheat and barley, all steam-cooked and flaked, provides the energy required, yet avoids the high spirits in horses often associated with the feeding of top quality oats.

This product is a cooked alternative to 10% Cool Feed Cubes and does not contain oats.

  • Top performance : quality proteins for muscle development with high spec vitamins and minerals for ultimate performance
  • Optimum digestion : a range of steam flaked cereals for optimum digestion and a steady energy release
  • Oat Free formula for a calmer horse

Size - 20kg

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