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Keyflow Mark Todd Perfect Balance

Keyflow Mark Todd Perfect Balance

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Mark Todd Perfect Balance is a scientifically formulated fully steam extruded balancer. Perfect Balance can be fed to horses & ponies that are on high fibre diets, box rest, are overweight or need a protein, vitamin and mineral booster added to their current feed. Perfect Balance is also suitable for young growing stock and mares in foal, particularly if turned out on pasture. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Perfect Balance is low in sugar & starch and high in Precision Equine Protein.



“Perfect Balance is an excellent option for horses that are on forage based diets, box rest, good doers or those that need a bit extra added to their current feed.” - Mark Todd

  • Precision Equine Protein – Equine specific amino acids Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and when formulated correctly for horses, they effectively support tendon, ligament and lean muscle mass growth and repair. This feed contains Precision Equine Protein consisting of a precise, horse perfect composition of amino acids.

  • Omega 3 Oils – All round health and vitality This feed contains high levels of oils rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are widely known to be beneficial for skin, coat and overall well-being.

Key Feed Technologies:

  • Wet Steam Extrusion – Unlocking nutritional potential All Keyflow feeds use wet steam extrusion as a core feed technology. In the steam extrusion process, raw grains are ground and rapidly-cooked in a pressurised chamber, before being pressed through a die and oven baked. This unique process increases the surface area of grain starch molecules increasing feed digestibility in a horse’s small intestine from approximately 40% to over 90%. This process is far more effective than traditional processing methods such as pelleting (cubes) or steam flaking.

Ingredients: contains fully steam extruded vegetable protein meals, maize, whey, full fat linseed, cold pressed canola oil, vitamins & chelated minerals, biomos.

Size - 15kg

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