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Dengie Hi-Fi Lite

Dengie Hi-Fi Lite

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Dengie Hi-Fi Lite. A low-calorie maintenance fibre feed for horses and ponies in light work, good do-ers or those prone to laminitis.

· High-quality soft oat straw is blended with nutrient rich alfalfa and a light molasses coating
· Low in calories(7.5MJ/kg), sugar (7%) and starch (1.5%), ideal for overweight horses and ponies
· Pellet free – provides maximum chew time per scoop – great for keeping stabled good doers occupied for longer
· A great value feed for horses – 20kg bale provides over 60 Stubbs scoops per bag – when feeding two scoops per day, one bale will last 33 days
· Can be used as a low-calorie total or partial hay replacer

Size - 20kg

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