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Cavalor Pianissimo

Cavalor Pianissimo

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Cavalor Pianissimo is specially formulated for horses and ponies prone to stress or horses that are hard to handle. Pianissimo contains herbs and other elements that counteract excessive sensitivity. In addition it contains all the nutritional components for a complete and balanced feed for sports horses. It is highly suitable for horses at rest. To reduce the level of energy ingested; these horses are usually given less feed concentrate and more roughage. However this results in a nutritional imbalance which can lead to other problems for the horse in the long term. 

Pianissimo has a very low protein content: (7,5 % digestible protein horse) which makes it very suitable for use in addition to roughage that is very rich in proteins (like silage or spring grass). After all, an excess of protein in the feed ration can cause stress in horses. With its low protein content, Pianissimo is an excellent feed for horses cutting down on training after a season, horses who are temporarily at rest (for recovery), horses sensitive to high levels of protein and given pre-dried grass as roughage. In addition Pianissimo is enriched with omega 3; this supports the general fitness of the horse. Florastimul also guarantees the efficient absorption of all nutrients and a healthy digestion. 

Size - 20kg

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