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Cavalor FiberForce

Cavalor FiberForce

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Cavalor FiberForce is the ultimate fibre mix, specially developed for horses suffering from stomach ulcers, gastrointestinal problems, insulin resistance, laminitis and cushing's disease Cavalor FiberForce is a tasty fiber-rich mixture to be fed as a supplementary concentrate and/or roughage with a unique composition.

Cavalor FiberForce also has a higher fat content giving a safe source of energy for horses with muscle disorders and has Digest Control which promotes gastrointestinal health.

Directions for use: Ration (per 100 kg horse weight)

  • As a complete supplementary concentrate in addition to sufficient roughage (hay, haylage, etc) max. 1 kg FiberForce per 100 kg horse weight.
  • As a complete feed for horses in a particular condition, experiencing problems with hay intake, max. 2 kg FiberForce per 100 kg horse weight.

Size - 15kg

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